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In order to get to know us further, and because the JCEA is a group of students passionate about the world of business as well as culture and art, we offer you a newsletter which is one of our sources of inspiration for the creative business approach we bring to our work.


Salida de un baile de máscaras by Jose Garcia Ramos translated into Leaving a Masqued bal

A work of art that we particularly appreciate and wish to present. Firstly introduced in 1905 in Buenos Aires, this painting is currently exposed at the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, Spain. Also named “Leaving the Theatre”, the painter is considered one of the greatest Andalusian painters. The colours’ elegance associated with the dramatic aspect of this scene felt as a chaotic atmosphere intrigues us and forces us to seek for details and explanation of this unusual moment, as reality-shattering.

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 16.06.40.png

Rotaract Club ESSEC Africa

Rotaract is an iconic ESSEC association. Focused on social activism, the Rotaract Club aims at raising awareness towards students to paramount human and environmental causes. Mohamed Reda Aghmari is the Vice-President of Rotaract ESSEC Africa. More than fellow students, its members are friends.

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