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The JCEA Entity

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The ESSEC Africa Junior Consulting (JCEA) is a junior company of the ESSEC Business School. Created by four students in 2023 within the ESSEC Africa, it is intended to be innovative and oriented towards Africa. Supported by the ESSEC, the JCEA seats in the ESSEC Africa campus, in Rabat. It has been created with the underlying desire to innovate and the willingness to settle and develop in the African continent.  

Who are we ?

A junior company innovative and digital

We are four students from ESSEC Business School. Our strength lies in the seriousness we demonstrate, and our services are built on innovation and digital which are the epicenter of our academic training. Creative and innovative, we perfect our work with the significant signature of ESSEC: a mix of audacity, discipline and work ethic. New Way, Best Way, Our Way.

Dégradé flou

Our support, ESSEC Africa

A prestigious school, a continent full of potential

Founded in 1907, ESSEC is a French Business School. The excellence of its academic performance as well as humanism is known throughout the international sphere. The school is ranked 8th best Business School in Europe and 2nd in France. Diversity and innovation are the pillars of this renown establishment. With several campus in France, Morocco and Singapore, ESSEC takes root all around the world. This international commitment has been perfected by the creation of bodies in every location of knowledge. The JCEA follows this ambition to look ahead of the continents of the future such as Africa. Constantly ahead of its time, ESSEC Business School pursues its quest to develop the regions where it is instituted through its services and its students in search of challenges.

"Audacity and the seriousness, creativity and tradition, diversity and prestige, values we follow, values we respect, values we transmit". 

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